Stylish Urban San Jose Wedding // Max + Jay

Max and Jay’s beautiful wedding was definitely a bunch of “firsts” for me. First time visiting San Jose, first time trying Happy Lemon (delicious btw), first time being in a Rolls Royce, and my first time wandering the beautiful city of San Jose with these two amazing (and stylish as hell) people!

Their story seems like it was written for the big screen. Max being originally from San Jose, and Jay from New Jersey, it would make one wonder how these two love birds found each other with so many miles between them. Max was attending a summer dance program in NYC and one of her best friends, Eric, flew out from the west coast to visit her. They took a photo together that was posted to Facebook and Jay was a mutual friend who happened to see it. Jay casually asked Eric who “that girl” in the photo was, and Eric mentioned that they would all be at a wedding together later than month.

At the wedding, the stars aligned and they hit it off, exchanging numbers and hanging out a few days later. After they made their relationship official Max was still living on the west coast and Jay on the east, so they put the work in and made their long distance relationship flourish for 7 months, FaceTiming and Skyping every day! It had always been Max’s dream to living NYC, and knowing that she and Jay had something timeliness and special Max booked a one way flight to NYC in 2011. Those thousands of miles between them were now shortened to the distance of the Hudson River.

That screen-worthy love story led them all to this beautiful day where they vowed in front of their friends and family to love each other until the cows come home (aka forever).

These two are such amazing creative souls (dance, theatre, music, film are just a few of the artistic talents this couple has in their bag of tricks), there were beautiful touches throughout the day that made this day so unique. Especially the gorgeous film they made together and produced highlighting their romance, which they played at the reception. Another incredibly unique element, that I’ve not seen done before, the groom had customized Nike sneakers made for each of the groomsmen. Let me tell you I have not seen such a fashionable bridal party in all my days!

This wedding is also a tribute to how bridal portraits don’t necessarily need to be taken in a garden, or on a beach to be stunning. I am a huge fan of urban and industrial portrait sessions! The beautiful and rough textures of the buildings provide an amazing contrast to the couple and really make them stand out. It also gives a huge variety for posing, which makes for a stunning and diverse gallery.

I am so grateful to Max and Jay for letting my be a part of their beautiful day, and I wish them and their growing family all the happiness!

Lovely Vendors //

Photography: Shayla Behringer Photography

Event Planning: Flowers and Events by Dani

Bakery: Caketerest

Florist: Flowers and Events by Dani

Hair and Makeup: Amanda Mangubat

Ceremony Venue: Mission Santa Clara de Asís

Reception Venue: The Glass House